1. Introduction

Software to learn accounting (COMEDU)

This software is for learning accounting on Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows. It is not intended to be a complete and integrated accounting system. Rather, it is limited to general journal transactions to resolve accounting problems quickly and for other tasks. It imitates manual bookkeeping.

Its main features are:

1) rapid creation of an entity and its accounting

2) ease in the parametrization of the financial statements

3) quick and easy recording of general journal transactions

4) accounting reports sent to Web browser or to spreadsheet like LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Microsoft or otherwise.

Tips & Tricks

The software can be used to validate manual work you have to do. The general journal transactions imitate manual bookkeeping. Posting to the general ledger and report generation are automatic.


© Copyright, 2011 by Pierre Véronneau

this work, the software binary or executable and its documentation is released under “License Creative Commons, Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada”

et “Licence Creative Commons, Attribution-Pas de travaux dérivés 2.5 Canada”

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* Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the moral right to the author or authors.


The software is developed on the Linux operating system in Pascal using the Lazarus IDE. I want to thank everyone who worked on the WWW to create free tools. The main resources of this project are:

* Lazarus IDE Pascal

* Free Pascal Compiler

* Pascal and Delphi documentation from Delphi Basics UK and others

* SQLite database

* Interface between SQLite and Pascal by Tim Anderson and others

* Interface between SQLite and Pascal “Delphi SQLite Wrapper” by Lukas Gebauer

* MinGW, Minimalist GNU for Windows

* GNU compilers

* OpenOffice office suite

* LibreOffice office suite

* Language Tool Grammar for LibreOffice and OpenOffice

* Grammalecte Grammar for LibreOffice and OpenOffice

* Bluefish HTML Editor

* Translation by Google Translate

* Encyclopedias and dictionaries by Wikipedia

* SQLite Manager, Sqlman

* Linux operating system

* Windows Simulator on Linux

* Python programming language

* GNOME Project for some images

* Courses and documentation on WWW technology by w3schools

* favicon.ico from picture

* Other sources on the WWW.

Pierre Véronneau