8. Tools


Packing of the database is done via the menu Tools->Vacuum:

The following form is shown:

By clicking on the button “Vacuum”, the tables are compacted and the indices are rebuilt.

It is useful to vacuum after a power outage or to recover data when you have a lot of general journal entries and you delete them.

Delete the general journal

The deletion of the general journal transactions is useful when a problem has general ledger accounts that are similar to those of a previous problem. To save time, make a copy of the previous problem:

Thereafter, change the name to a name that represents the new problem here “Book3Prob9.sqlite3”:

Then open the copy:

Delete the general journal to start over:


By clicking the “Destroy general j”, the transaction table is cleared and a complete vacuum is made of the database.

Now you just have to change the data, as the name of the entity, the menu selection Objects->Control.

And finally, to modify the general ledger accounts from the menu Objects->GL Accounts.

And voila! A new problem in a short time.